Handpan drum – C# – Mystic

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Scale: Mystic

Tuning: C# G# A B C# Eb E F# G#

Diameter: 55 cm

Height: 30 cm

Weight: 4,5 kg

Material: nitrated steel

Bag/cover: included

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Listen original sound:

Handpan Mystic.

A handpan drum tuned in the notes: C# G# A B C# Eb E F# G#

Listen to the sound:

This mysterious and enchanting sound handpan awakens in the soul a very deep and light-with melancholy feelings.

The process of manufacturing stamped in the factory shell for handpan is the treatment of bilateral end-to-end nitriding for a long time.

The Handpan was thermally treated in a muffle furnace at several temperatures not exceeding 400 degrees.
We use high quality iron (steel grade) which when setup can crack, because almost “ceramic”.

Setting handanos of this material more difficult but they sound much better and stronger.

The thickness of the metal more than other models, which allows not to lose the setting for many years.
Hang drum was tuned twice after nitriding, and finally after firing.

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Listen sample of the sound: