Handpan drum D minor – KURD

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Scale: KURD

Tuning: D A Bb C D E F G A

Diameter: 53 cm

Height: 28 cm

Weight: 4,6 kg

Material: nitrated steel

Cover: included

The time of the manifacture: 30 days

Free worldwide shipping by EMS(10-17 days) already included in final price

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The notes on the handpan D A Bb C D E F G A

Listen to the original sound:

It sounds ancient, deep and sad. This is a very versatile scale.

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The best quality, the best sounding handpan drums available today. Each instrument is hand-made with love, hard work and attention to detail. Playing a hang drum can relieve stress and bring relaxation and peaceful energy into your life.

Listen to the sound:

Instrument ready for shipping.
Diameter – 55 sm, higth – 30 sm.

Free worldwide shipping  by Air mail – 10-15 days.

Instrument nitrated.