Multiple Drone Didgeridoo from Palisander wood with 4 Removable screw Mouthpieces – D,C#,C,B

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Main note: E, D, C#, C, B-  

Wood: Palisander  

Length: 130 cm-  

Trumpet diameter/socket: 14cm 

Inner diameter of the mouthpiece: 3cm 

Weight: 5,1kg  

Cover/case: included – nylon highest quality, waterproof, shockproof  

Shipping: Free worldwide by Air mail EMS (9-14 days)

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For professional musicians who need a didgeridoo in different music notes we made this didgeridoo.

E – Trumpets 1/2/3: F, C, F#

D –  Trumpets 1/2/3: D, A#, E

C# – Trumpets 1/2/3: C#, A#, D#

C – Trumpets 1/2/3: C, A#, D

B  – Trumpets 1/2/3: B, A, D#