Russian jew harp by Glazyrin – “Uranus”

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Lamel hardness: middle 

Volume: Loud  

Reed length, mm: 77   

Size, mm: 112*50*3

Weight, g: 60 

Material: stainless steel  

Manufacture: Russia, Ural

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Jew’s harp (“vargan”) from one of the best Russian master Dmitry Glazyrin. Astonishing quality for given price.Hard reed, clean sound – perfect for hard, intensive strokes in both directions and dynamic playing. Perfect combination of harmony and power – it is a jew’s harp for everyday playing and public performances.

It requires confidence and a clear articulation when beating the tongue. The spectrum of the sound is shifted towards higher overtones, sound character – cutting, “cosmic space”. Fast dynamics combined with a long attenuation, allowing you to play on this jew’s harp at any speed. Sound symmetrical in both directions. The material of the jew’s harp – stainless steel, so with this jew’s harp you can safely go on a journey through all kinds of weather (even the wettest), and not worry about its appearance and performance.