Russian jews harp “Mini-Phantom” 2-in-1 by Glazyrin

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Lamel hardness: solid 

Volume: Loud  

Reed length, mm: 77  

Size, mm: 110*32*3  

Weight, g: 50   

Material: stainless steel

Manufacture: Russia, Ural  

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Buy online Jew’s harp (“vargan”) from one of the best Russian masters – Dmitry Glazyrin. Elegant, stylish medium size frame, light and sensitive spring, loud, harmonic and clean sound. Extremely easy to play by newbies and virtuoso! Phantom-Mini is easiest model from Glazyrin and is one of the few jew’s harp suitable for various stroking techniques without compromising mechanical stability or spectrum integrity. Strongly recommended to all.

Special feature: magnetic ball can be removed from reed ring wich makes a sound higher – it is 2-in-1 jew’s harp. Soft leather case with mounting for detached ball is included.