Indian Drum 70 cm – 1

Skin: goat 

Diameter of membrane: 70 cm 

High of the rim: 6 cm 

Weight: 1.6 kg 

Beater: included 

Cover/case: included – nylon highest quality, waterproof, shockproof 

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    3.5 kg
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A 70 cm  shamanic drum is the mightiest creature. If you want to heal using the shamanic drum vibes, this is a good choice. The ceremonial drum’s mighty bass can enter the lowest cakra into the deep unconsciousness and activate the dreaming layers. Using this drum, you can re-record the unconscious programs. Low vibrations are very good for that.

Shamanic instruments are made in Bali  island according to Indian traditions and inspired by the island’s magic. Indians have spread their traditions everywhere.

Native drum membranes are made from 5 layers of glued and pressed plywood and doesn’t break with the lapse of time even when if often heated.

Every drum is completed by a stick. Buy a ceremonial  drum at our shamanic online store with free delivery worldwide and begin to create your resonant healing vibes.

A wise piece of advice:

 1. If you live in a hot dry climate and the shaman’s drum sounds too high, pour 20-20 ml of water into your hand and rub up the tambourine skin from outside. The sound will be unstable for the first 10 minutes, with additional bass. After 10 minutes, you can play the ceremonial hand drum and enjoy the bass vibrations.
 2. If it is wet and humid around you, you should warm the living ceremonial drum. If you play a furry native drum on the street in the evening or at night, it will probably need the warmth of the fire. Hold the skin of the drum close to the fire to feel the fire’s energy by your hand. Sit by the fire, feel the drum heating, caressing the membrane by your hand and meditate on the fire. Check the sound from time to time until the drum reaches the vibe tone resonating with you.